Uncertain times

Everything that is going on in the world at present is enough to make the strongest person a little bit anxious. At the end of the day though it is life. It is unpredictable, scary, troublesome and frustrating but life can also be happy, lovable, cheeky and wonderful. Unfortunately life has that way of throwing curved balls at us. We think we have gotten over one thing and then another comes along. But here is the thing, we need to live life to the full. In the 2 Spud house hold we are aware of the worldly happenings but we are cracking on as normal. We have not felt the need to go and bulk buy toilet roll and pasta. But we have felt to wash our hands and faces a little more often after being at work or to the supermarket.


As I have said unfortunately life has that way of throwing curved balls at us. 2 Spuds thinks they get thrown at us to see how we deal with a situation. How strong we are as a person and what we can learn from it. Some balls are frustrating, some balls are damn right scary and some balls can be absolutely devastating.


Had you told Rosie 3 years ago that she would end up having a breakdown, moving on from the Police Service, moving up North to Glasgow, the fact she would be diagnosed with anxiety and depression and being prescribed anti-depressants then she probably would have turned around and laughed at you. She would have said something along the lines of “who? me? I am the strongest around, that is ludicrous!!!” Then she would have gone to get another coffee! Today she is all of those things. She went through the battle and came out the other side. A battle scars are still with her and she does work hard every day to manage her condition. But at the end of the day that is part of her story.


Again, had you told Helen several years ago that she would be a completely different person to who she is today, that she would have to go to hell and back through bullying at work which included lawyers, time off and a diagnosis of functional movement disorder, or that she would find her purpose in life which is as a personal trainer specialising in physical and mental rehab then she would have laughed at you and said something like “fat chance, those things don’t happen for real!” But at the end of the day that is part of her story.


Had you told Rosie and Helen ten years ago that they would be happily married, living together, going through the twists and turns of life together as a team I am pretty sure that both of them would be on the floor in stitches thinking you were having a good laugh at their expense. But again that is what it is today. It is their relationship story.

Life stories

Stories make us who we are today. That is all it is. It is our life stories. Sometimes we cannot see our stories at the time they are happening. We see the unpredictable, scary, troublesome, frustrating and devastating side of it all. It may not be until years later that it all becomes clear on why. Sometimes though the why never turns up and that can be hard to get through.

Rosie and Helen’s life stories

Rosie and Helen’s life stories help you guys know that you are not alone with whatever you are dealing with. It helps them communicate better with people who are may be new to the mental health or physical rehab worlds. The people who have just had their diagnosis and are wondering where to turn to. It makes them grow as a person so they can tackle the next curved ball life throws at them. As I say it is also part of their journey through life. They are constantly learning and growing through what they go through on a daily basis. Most people in the world will do.


And here is the best bit, the world may be going through anxiety mayhem at the minute but… Look around you at the beauty the world also creates. Take a look online at some recent photos you have taken and reminisce of the wonderful occasion. Turn the music up crazy loud and dance around your living room like no one is watching. Chat to a friend who you have been meaning to call for months. Say I love you to the person who you are closest to (not in proximity or you could end up in a hilarious (yet awkward) situation).

Last thing

Life throws curved balls at us every so often. It’s just the way it is. But we will all get through it.

-Rosie and Helen

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