It has been another interesting week with more downs than ups. The frustration is getting to us both in different ways, and it is – yes you guessed it – very frustrating. Everything about it. How it effects what we do, what we don’t do, how we feel.

Conversations at the wrong time

Unintentionally we had a serious conversation, mainly about my work and the unreliable hours I do, one morning before going to work. In case you have a habit of doing that, how do you manage?? It certainly set me up for having a bad day. I spent the first few hours in a less than good mood, and when you are working in a customer service facing role it is not a good place to be. As I often spend a lot of time alone at work with only my thoughts to keep me company, I had a lot of time to do just that. Think. I turn in to my own worst enemy.

The upside of this though is that overall I feel so much better these days that I can change my mood. Perhaps change is not the right word, but I can certainly stop the thoughts from bringing me down to bad places. This is so different from before where I could spend whole days worrying, being very negative, thinking a lot of negative thoughts which then makes made me more anxious and depressed, and I was anything but productive. The downward spiral continued. So this shift I am currently going through is helping me. A lot.

Turn your thoughts around

Yesterday was particularly bad. The weather in Scotland is currently pretty grim, with storm after storm which brings a lot of rain, snow and wind. Climbing ladders in the wind and working on top of them can be interesting shall we say. It is fair to say that the current weather does not help with the overall sense of frustration. Having set off for work in a less than good mood, I was eventually able to turn it around. I needed to spend a little while dwelling on it, and then I was able to let it go. There was also a little bit of sun on and off and that makes me so happy. It has a very positive impact on how I feel. The more sun, the better I feel.


I was home on time yesterday and I had planned to make a noodle soup. Helen was not supposed to be at home, but due to a change in plans she was. It was great because it meant I had someone chopping all the vegetables for the soup! On a more serious note, it was nice being able to spend a little time together cooking, which we have not done in a while. The result is shown on the picture at the top of this post. Apart from slightly pale noodles, it is not too different from the recipe.

Hence the title of this blog. We are great as a team. We are different, with different strengths and weaknesses, but we compliment each other pretty good.

Life can be pretty hard at times, but try not to let it bring you down. You could argue that life is not fair, with a mentality of “why is everything bad always happening to me”. I believe a lot comes down to how you tackle it. You can allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself and not doing anything about it other than succumb to the negative thinking pattern. Or you can adopt a positive, growth mindset and go out there and get what you want. That is where I feel I am at the moment. I am putting a lot of hard work in getting what I want. It might not look like a lot but to me it is. Small, sustainable changes.

So pick yourself up. Brush off the dirt on your shoulders, knuckle down and get on with it. Life goes on. We only get the one shot at it. Live it your way.


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  1. Sue

    Be careful with those accidental conversations – Ziggy and I once had one of those and ended up putting the house on the market and moving!

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