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Tuesday is not even hump day. We are still at the start of the week in my opinion but there you have it. And why am I talking about Tuesday, well, this is the day I find myself writing this blog in the day surgery unit of the local hospital. Rosie has already been taken in for her checks and is sporting a very fancy hospital gown. I, however, need to remain in the waiting room and away from the ward.

It puzzles me

Now this puzzles me. I fully understand I am not allowed into the theatre and anyways I have a horrendous coldy thing right now so would not be permitted entry. I mean parents are allowed to be with their sick children, partners are allowed in for C-sections and so on but just because you are an adult to need to do some things on your own. What I don’t get is why I can’t be sitting by Rosie’s bed side making her laugh and making sure she is all right. I know they have nurses to check on these things, but nothing beats a friend, family member or your other half. That main person who has been with them through all of the appointments to date, has made sure everything in the house in left hand friendly and just generally wants to look after their welfare. I mean would it not be a nicer option to have a loved one waiting for you upon your return from surgery rather than a nurse. Now, I have nothing against nurses and they are very good at their jobs but it just isn’t the same as a loved one. So there you go that is what is what is puzzling me as I sit on the other side of the wall, waiting.


I mean I have been using my time wisely. Have marked several papers for the fitness industry, read one of those quick read books, eaten a snack and paced around a bit. But it is amazing how time goes slowly when you are waiting.

Sometimes you are waiting for happy things to happen. Like when you have booked a holiday in the June and have to wait the following February before you go on it. Sometimes you are waiting for a medical result. And sometimes you are waiting for your dinner to cook and are starving. The egg incident (one of those days).

So, there you go, waiting. We have all experienced it as some point or other. We all have our views on it I bet as well. Some of us even wait better than others.

My best advice is to be prepared for waiting. As I say in the hospital waiting room I came prepared for the long haul. However, some alternatives may be to go for a long walk. Go to the gym for a workout or take in a Zumba class. Do a hard crossword, bake, take a bath and the list goes on. Take your mind off the waiting game and try to concentrate on the here and now. I am aware it is a very easy thing to say and a hard thing to do but at the end of the day try it. You may find your mind gets taken off the waiting at least for a little while.

Quick Rosie update

Rosie was very calm in the lead up to her carpal tunnel surgery which has been good. She hasn’t been sleeping well and has been dreaming lots which is the downside. We are aware when she dreams a lot this is her mind trying to process the information that is currently in it. I am very proud of her for Tuesday and all has gone well. She is on the road to recovery and apparently going to milk it for all it is worth.


The unfortunate need for an operation

I decided after my last operation that I would never have another one (this was following knee and stomach surgery) because of the effect it has on your overall health. However, unfortunately I need another operation next week.


The operation on Tuesday is to release the carpal tunnel in my right hand (the left hand will follow in due course). For the last 6 months the symptoms have gotten gradually worse, ending up with constantly painful fingers. The worst of it though is that the fingers are starting to loose their sensation. Because of this I am very clumsy gripping things as I just can’t feel when I am touching them.

It’s a very small one

This surgery only takes about 15 minutes, and it is done under local anaesthetic. Following this I won’t be able to work for a few weeks. I am quite concerned about how the next few weeks will pan out. This is with regards to my mental health as well as my physical health. I do not cope well sitting still for long periods of time, and I get frustrated when there are things I can’t do. Being right handed, and not being able to use my right hand properly for some time, will be very interesting indeed.

Staying healthy

I plan to go about my days much like I do now, being as active as possible. Having said that, I also have a few box sets to watch the first few days. My hand will apparently be in a bandage the size of a boxing glove, so it will be tricky to do anything. Once that comes off after 3 to 4 days I’m sure it will get easier. We are both still on a weight loss journey and the fridge is full of healthy foods. There are no treats or other sweet things in the house, although I did get a small chocolate bar the other day to have when I come home from surgery. That is the only exception.

The great outdoors

As I am sure some of you know, I am a great lover of the outdoors and the health benefits it provides. I have made a spot in the greenhouse so I can sit there and drink coffee when the sun is shining. There will be days when I am picked up and taken places too for walks and socialising. There is not a lot to do around here in that sense, and certainly not within walking distance. I am also very lucky to have Helen who works unsocial hours, but in these circumstances it will be perfect.


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