One every year (at least)


They come around once every year (or once every 4 years if you are born in a leap year). They can make us celebrate or they can make us feel anxious.

30 years old

I remember I said to my Mum before my 30th birthday would she mind if I delayed my life mile stones. I wasn’t ready yet and they hadn’t been achieved. My 30th life goals were to be in a successful job and married with kids. Now at that particular moment in time I had just been made redundant from a job, had no partner (and no prospects of one) and no kids. So all in all not a good combination and nowhere near my “life milestones”.

Society or myself?

So the question is: who is putting the pressure on us to be “perfect” by a certain age?!
It is a fantastic question to ask. Personally I think society has a lot to answer for then it is us who puts the pressure on our own shoulders.


We see the “perfect” family, “perfect” lifestyle, “perfect” body and many more “perfects” everyday. Via television, social media, our friends and family, big advertising bill boards and on the back of a box of food. We think: Wow!, I want that!, How do I get that? It looks idyllic, beautiful, everything I ever wanted and as I have said before “perfect”!!! But, at the end of the day, “what is perfect?!”


The pressure we put on ourselves can be immense. We spend money, we to go extremes, we research and do anything we can in our search for “perfectness”. But again, “what is perfect?!” Also, what is perfect to you is different to me and again different to Rosie.


Stop looking for perfect. As my Dad says “what is meant for you will not pass you by!” In short, if having the “perfect” family, “perfect” lifestyle or “perfect” body, you will get there. If it isn’t then stop beating yourself up about it. These things take time. Also (and most importantly), your life could be “perfect” right now. In this very moment you could have what you are looking for. Take a look around. What do you have?


I have a loving partner, a (rented) roof over my head, a job, the ability to have Sundays off and lots more. I know I don’t have the kids part of it yet and I know I have auto-immune conditions which puts my health in the less favourable category. But I also know I can work everyday to try and sort it out. One day if it is meant to be with kids it will work itself out.

Peter Pan

I said to Rosie recently that although I am now past 35 and on the way to 40 I don’t think I will ever grow up. I mean technically at 40 am I not meant to have my life together?! Or is that society speaking again?! I figured I would take a page out of Peter Pan’s book and in short, I will never grow up and be “perfect”.

Up to you

So, it is up to you now. Is your life “perfect”?! Or is society telling you not?! As I say, stop and have a look around at your life. Can changes be made to make it better or is it just right the way it is?! Is a new job, gym membership, new car, some all important “me time” or a better diet needed. Are you willing to get out of your current rut and make a change to be better and may be even “perfect”?


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