Mirror Image

This is an interesting topic. We decided we would continue along the body image theme for another blog as it is such an important subject. Mirrors conjure up all sorts of feelings and questions. How do I look? Why does this outfit not make any sense? Wow, I have toned that area working out in the gym. And so on.

Mirrors and I

I was very anti mirror for many years and unfortunately, I cannot put my finger on why that was. I would guess it was because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I just know that mirrors and I didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye. Rosie comes from the background where she does get on with mirrors. Rosie was brought up doing a lot of horse riding and at the riding school to correct posture and technique there was a mirror. She didn’t really have an option not to like them, so she just got on with it.

There are mirrors everywhere!

It’s true, there are mirrors everywhere. They are in your bathroom, in the gym, in the department store changing room, in your hallway, in an art gallery and many other places. We often have to walk past them to get from A to B. Sometimes we run past them, so we don’t see ourselves properly in them. Sometimes we walk with our heads turned to one side so again we can’t see ourselves. But why is the question?


Why indeed. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with who I am and make friends with the mirror. Today I use them to check out an outfit I am wearing if I need to be smart. I use them to check my hairstyle is playing ball that day. I use them to check how that spot is doing on the end of my nose the day before a big event. What I am saying is forget what other people say about mirrors and get to know it on your own terms.

Fun mirrors

There are of course fun mirrors which you can find at the fairground or in those “can’t believe it” exhibitions. The ones that make you look like a giant or like you have 3 bodies in 1. Now those mirrors conjure up smiles and laughs as you try out each one. Why can’t a normal mirror do that?

My point

And that is my point, mirrors do not need to be scary monsters that we avoid at all cost. They are there to be our friends, to make us look and feel amazing as a human being. Of course, they also help us correct our squat technique in the gym but that is a story for another day. All I am saying is make friends with it. Be amazing and let yourself shine.


In other news Rosie has challenged me with full stop burpees. Let me explain, when I was at school, I was always taught to do 2 spaces after a full stop. Rosie does 1. Every time she looks at the blog, she has to correct mine. So, the challenge has been set. 2 spaces after a full stop equals 1 burpee. Now if you know me you will know that burpees and I do not get along. They are those annoying exercises that personal trainers like to throw at clients to make them work harder. However, in my exercise classes it is a punishment if you are constantly on your phone. Therefore, this is quite a challenge. I am having to change a habit that has been in existence for several years. At present I am on 7 burpees and the challenge is running till the end of May. I will keep you all posted.


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