March Poll results!

The March poll results are in. The choice this month was: How to deal with an unhealthy habit which has become normal or how to remove a stress. With 71% of the vote we will be looking a: How to deal with an unhealthy habit which has become normal.

How to deal with an unhealthy habit which has become normal

We all have habits, some of them are good for us like brushing our teeth and getting exercise. However, some of them less so. These habits have become a habit for so long they become “normal”. I am talking about things like smoking, drinking, letting bullying get to us and not standing up for ourselves. These habits go on for so long that our brains and body tell us it is normality. It can be unhealthy, it can cause emotional distress, it can damage our mental (or physical) health and it can have a negative effect on our lifestyle.


I have definitely lived with some bad habits which I thought were normal. When I lived in a house in London I lived with my housemates who were bullies. It wasn’t until I spoke to a work colleague that she pointed out the environment was no good for me. Realising that, I took it on board and sourced a new house with better housemates. From habit to normality to change to better outcome.

Recently I thought a change in diet would be eating more apples, drinking more water, not eating as many chocolates and getting more exercise. I lived in denial for a few weeks refusing to see how a “change” would help me. I then sourced the help of a private nutritionist who explained why it wouldn’t work and helped me back on to the correct (and healthier) path. From habit to normality to change to a better outcome.

Ps. I switched to dairy free chocolate, monitor it but enjoy it!!! Simple!


Take this time to think about your habits. Write them down if it helps. Have 2 columns, the good and the bad. Write everything down about them and then draw a massive circle around those that you want to change. Set out a plan to change them.

Good habits

  • Keep a financial diary
  • Read, research, computer
  • Check in with friends

Bad habits

  • Spend too much money online
  • Sit and watch Netflix a lot
  • Don’t ring my friends back

Pattern of behaviour

The 2 Spud Goal Workshop goes into a lot of detail here and it is the difference between our comfort and discomfort zones. We are humans get scared to take a step into the unknown. Our comfort zone is happy being at home with our slippers and hot cocoa. It likes knowing what is going to happen from one day to the next. We have our routines, our habits, our lifestyles. Going to the gym on Wednesday for a circuit class. Having fish and chips for tea on Friday. Doing the Saturday crossword every week. But what happens when the circuit class is suddenly a Yoga class, the fish and chips ran out at the supermarket and the Saturday crossword was on a Sunday instead? It’s different, it’s scary, we as humans panic and most importantly it is the unknown. We are humans do not like the unknown. But, what if we embraced the change? We discover our bodies like Yoga, we may even like pizza and very much enjoy the Sunday crossword. We step outside our comfort zone, we make the change. It is scary but it is worthwhile. A change that will make us fly!

How do I make a change?

In short, you research to make it better, take a step out of your comfort zone and fly (or move into the good stuff!). Simple really. Stop your discomfort zone holding you back. As people we can adapt, change and create new habits. Right now we do not know what is going to happen from one week to the next, we have an unfortunate opportunity to change things. Use this time wisely. Create new habits, read, use that multi-coloured search engine, talk to people, learn new skills and most importantly become even more awesome than you are right now. In the 2 Spud household we have definitely stepped up to the mark and we are excited to see what else we can do. Recording videos was on our “to do” list and one day we would get round to it. Now, well all I can say is WOW! We have a Youtube channel, we have lots of different videos, we go live on Facebook. We made the change and are enjoying this new avenue.


Ps. If anyone is interested in the 2 Spud Goal Workshop then drop us a line and we can set something up for you.

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