Do what you love!

Living life in the moment

Going back to where 2 Spuds started, it was all about blogging. Nowadays we do videos, podcasts, live online classes and so on. What’s become apparent is that Helen loves her podcasts, and I (Rosie) miss my writing. We’ve both found what we like to do! So there’ll be a few blogs coming up in the future.

Resurrecting the blog has been on my mind for a while now. This is all to do with a need to do what I want and what makes me happy. I have spent far too much time and energy on what I feel I should do, which often drains me of energy as it is not something I enjoy.

Goal discussion

Helen and I are part of a life-coaching group which started just before lockdown. At the beginning we discussed our goals, then lockdown happened and a lot of things changed. We were back there last week, again talking about our goals. I realised then that although ultimately the big goal is the same, how to get there is different. What is different about the journey there is two-fold:
– I will get there doing something I enjoy, something that puts the fire in my belly and gives me energy
Living life in the moment – I can’t wait till later. I can’t live by “oh once I reach my goal then I can do what I want”.

Realising a shift is happening

That last comment was made by one in the group, who had picked up on the fact that I talked about doing something now instead of later. This sparked a realisation in me. Knowing that I can do what makes me happy, knowing that I am just as good and worthy as everyone else, is filling me with a desire and energy to get up and go for what I want.

Do something you love

It is so important to do what you love, even if life gets in the way. This can be either in your professional or personal life. Helen summed it up pretty nicely in a post she did a while back, have a look here, where she says “Go out and do what you love. Put a smile on your face, put a spring into your step and be happy”.

Know that you are every bit just as brilliant and deserving as everyone else!

Bidean bam Bian, The Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland

Beautiful Bidean nam Bian, The Three Sisters in Glencoe, Scotland. One of the most fantastic places I’ve been, and the sort of place I crave to be at. One of my goals is to have this kind of view on my doorstep.


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