Don’t let rejection bring you down!

Continuing on from yesterday’s post about how stuck in my negative mindset I was, I have come across a quote from Idris Elba that really struck a chord with me.

“The problem with a lot of people is that, if they get rejected by a job they want or a person they like, their self confidence becomes shattered in an instant because they don’t have an abundance mindset. You see when you have an abundance mindset and you get rejected, it’s ok. Because you tell yourself tomorrow I will find 10 other jobs or I will meet 10 other new people. You always have possibilities.”

Read that quote again.

That was me. That is still me at times. I am working really hard to change my mindset, and I’m now in a very different frame of mind. It’s not gone all the way to abundance yet but I am working on it.

We all think far too many negative thoughts, talking ourselves down. I have now stopped doing that. Well, most of the time anyway (I am not perfect – yet!).

I am on a journey which I will be on for a long time, which is fine.

You can too.

Work on that mindset.

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