All is not doom and gloom

Having a mental health condition does not mean that you do not function, that you are worth any less than anyone else. I would suggest otherwise: we are still coping and doing a fabulous job in this chaotic world on top of feeling the way we do. Surely that puts us a step ahead?

That was my main thought and stumbling block for a long time, that because I have depression and anxiety that somehow makes me a lesser person. I wanted to shy away from it and I did not talk about it with others outside my bubble for a long time. Whereas now you can’t really stop me! I stand taller and straighter now and it feels so good.

To all of you out there suffering, please remember you are not alone, and you are still a beautiful and fantastic person! Don’t you dare letting anyone say otherwise!

The photos I have shared this week are all taken pre-lockdown. Apart from one they’re all from days out with Helen. They are all reminders of great days out, which we need even more so now that we can’t venture too far away. Looking at them makes me happy, because we had great adventures out at the time and because I love the scenery. In case you haven’t noticed, taking photos of nature is my thing. Well one of them anyway. Another reason I love having them to look at is because I have started taking lots of photos again, in contrast to when I was not in a good place when I did not take any pictures. So taking lots of pictures means I am doing well.

Whatever it is that you like to do, make sure you do lots of it. Make time. It is important.

This post is the last one I am doing for the mental health week, tomorrow Sunday it is Helen’s turn. I hope you have enjoyed them (as much they can be enjoyed). Have a great evening!


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