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Wellbeing coaching for your mind, body and soul.

Helen started life in the world of corporate events. She loved the running around at the conferences but hated the “sitting behind a desk” part. Outside of work cycling was (and still is) her favourite activity and was often found in the gym training for the next ride. Helen loves helping people and all she had to do was marry fitness, being active and working with people together. Turns out that was starting with a qualification in personal training.

Today she holds many specialities with exercise including exercise rehab and mental health. She worked hard in 2020 to secure a qualification in life coaching as well as starting a journey into Kinetic Chain Release.

Helen knows that a dream can become a reality and she is living proof of many of her goals being broken down and to succeed. Her recent was a 20-kilo weight loss to get ready for an IVF journey. Her second massive goal was walking a marathon in her garden during the lockdown of 2020.

Rosie started life as a police officer down in London. Again, she loved the running around and helping people around London but disliked the “sitting at the desk” side of it. She moved to Scotland where she re-trained as a tv engineer. From there Rosie got the opportunity to train as a Yoga teacher and then a life coach. Two opportunities which she loved learning about. One further journey saw her on the road to learning about Kinetic Chain Release.

Learning about goals helped Rosie come through her battle with anxiety and depression and to realise there is a lot more to life. This helped her enormously get to where she is today which is in control of these conditions. Another huge goal Rosie achieved was moving out of London to Scotland in 2018, which is the starting point for where she wants to fulfill her dreams.

Helen Chowaniec
Rosita Liljeblad

Qualification and insurance

Helen Chowaniec and Rosita Liljeblad are fully qualified in their relevant disciplines and fully insured. 

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