Goal Setting workshop

Fit. Healthy. Happy.

Do you have lots of goals that you want to achieve? Are you at a crossroads and not sure what goal you want to tackle first?

The 2 Spuds in a Pod Goal Setting Workshop can (definitely) help you aim high and more importantly achieve!

The workshop has been designed to take you from your comfort zone to discomfort zone and achieve whatever your goal may be. Whether that is learning a new skill, putting elements in place to run your own business or even just losing weight. Whatever the goal is 2 Spuds will help you get there.

We discuss sub goals, form a goal path, give you ideas on resources and ultimately help you get to that specific goal.

Workshop includes

Your comfort and your discomfort zones (what they are and how to take the jump!)
How to set your own goals (including sub-goals to get to the bigger goal)
SMART goals
What resources you have available and how to use them
The best time to set goals in the day
(The important one!) How to achieve them


Goal setting workshop and Goal setting worksheets at £25
Basic package plus 1 session with Helen or Rosie during the month from your first workshop at £40
Basic and Elite packages plus 2 sessions with Helen or Rosie (1 straight after workshop and 1 in 6 months’ time), monthly emails from 2 Spuds with motivation to keep you track at £55

Mental Wellbeing workshop

Are you feeling alone with your mental health condition? Do you want to help yourself out but unsure what the first step is?

The 2 Spuds in a Pod Mental Wellbeing workshop will answer these questions along with many (many) more.

The workshop can give you loads of ideas to help you out as well as your friends, family and colleagues.

Remember you are not alone in what you are going through!

Why not reach out today and get booked on to a workshop not to be missed!

Workshop includes

  • What is mental health (facts and figures)
  • Get yourself a routine
  • Find yourself an outlet/write it down
  • Why is exercise important
  • Why is nutrition important
  • The importance of sleep
  • When to refer yourself for further help
  • The basics of helping someone in a crisis

This event will take place via online conferencing, details will be sent out before the event begins.




NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro refers to your brain
Linguistic refers to language
Programming refers to how the brain functions.

In short, there are 2 parts of your brain. There is the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The NLP website refers to the conscious mind as the goal setter and the unconscious mind as the goal getter. One side of your brain says I want to remain calm during a presentation or I want to have the confidence to walk through the gym door. The other side says no! NLP will help you transform this thinking from No to Yes!

To find out more about the 2 Spud journey into NLP please visit our blog.