How to be a good friend to someone who has depression

Some very good and relevant information here. Know that continued efforts to stay in contact can be what keeps a person going, even if they don’t feel that they can say yes that often. Also, if you are that person, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell your friend(s) how you really feel.

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  1. Fantasys

    Don’t martyr yourself for our emotional health, basically. That’s not how any of this works. Do what you can do. Don’t do more. Don’t make yourself weak to try and make someone else strong. Your wellbeing is important, and I promise you you’ll only exhaust yourself, and end up resenting us if you make it your job to nurse us through the whole ordeal. So don’t. Depressed people can struggle to be good or engaged friends at times and you’re allowed to feel frustrated about that. Take time off from it all if and when you need to. You aren’t failing us by looking after yourself. We love you. We’re just too weighed down to express that right now. Also don’t take our shit. Unacceptable behaviors don’t get a pass because the person is depressed. You don’t deserve cruelty or abuse so please tell us if we’re out of order; if not immediately then when our depressive episode has passed. 

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