Helen Chowaniec

Personal Trainer | Life Coach

Fit. Healthy. Happy.

Happy Body

Weight Loss

I could talk for hours on weight loss from a personal and professional point of view. Personally, through exercise, changing to a gluten and dairy free diet (due to autoimmune disorder), having good routines, hard-work and dedication meant I lost 20kg (3 stone) over a 9 month period.

I take the time to get to know you, suggest changes to your lifestyle, help you along the way and motivate you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Rehabilitation and Exercise

When life knocks us to the ground through injury or illness I can help you find your feet again.

Exercise is a great way to help:
Muscles recover after joint replacement surgery
Muscles to strengthen so it helps joints which are weakened due to arthritis or osteoporsis
Get a stiff back moving from hours sitting at a desk

Find out where your core actually is and why it is so important for balance And much, much more... **Ante and Post Natal Exercise

Training Certificates

Gym Instructor Level 2
Personal Training Level 3
Ante and Post-Natal Exercise
Exercise Referral

Fitness trainer and assessor

** Mental Health Awareness and First Aid **

Happy Mind

Mental Wellbeing

We spend a lot of hours doing exercise and looking after the body but what about the mind?!

Mental health is massive part of who we are today. We could have anxiety, depression, stress, functional neurological disorder or even feeling a little out of sorts due to menopause. All of this is completely normal and exercise is a massive way to help deal with some of these.

I offer mental wellbeing sessions which go through the basics of routines and outlets, and also goal setting sessions to help you take your idea and make it fly.

**Neuro-lingusitic programming, emotional freedome technique and meditiation are also offered.

KCR Practitioner

Did you know that your body can heal itself through small mobilisation techniques?

Through kinetic chain release we re-set your body. Yes, re-set your body. This could be either a physical re-set or an emotional one (don't worry, tissues will be provided!). The body likes to be equal and in alignment. KCR will help you do this.

In a safe and secure environment we unlock knots, stresses and tensions, helping you to recover and lead an even happier life.

Yoga with Rosita

Yoga is a great way to awaken the body, to work on your strength, flexibility and breathing. The focus here is on physical postures (asanas), either on their own or in a flow, breathing and meditation.

Yoga boosts both your physical and your mental wellbeing.

I came to my PT session thinking no one would understand my mental health condition. I met Helen and she understood it perfectly. The next thing I knew I was loving the gym and her instruction.

I was scared I would damage my knee post torn ACL but with Helen's help I took things slow, listened to what she had to say and now I am back to walking up those mountains.


“Helen always brings variety to the sessions. She can tell when you are tired and do not want to do that last exercise, yet with her motivation she pushes you through and makes you suceed (even if I am having hot flushes in the session)!”

“Under Helen’s supervision I have lost several kilos and now love to exercise (we have 2 online sessions per week so I feel incredibly comfortable as I can do it from home). I love my new nutrition plan and most importantly myself!”


Happy Body
Personal training and Yoga 1-to-1's

£135 for a block of 4 (in-person)
£175 for a block of 8 (in-person)
£125 for a block of 4 (online)
£160 for a block of 8 (online)

Sessions include personal training and nutrition or Yoga.

Happy Mind

Mental wellbeing session £25
Goal setting £100 (includes initial goal setting session and follow-up
NLP and EFT practices can be included in the goal setting session but individually are: £35

KCR Practice £45

Mental Health Awareness Certificate - please enquire

Fit. Healthy. Happy.