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Our areas of focus


Personal training: open to everyone regardless of your fitness level or goal

Specialised personal training: we specialise in ante & post-natal exercise, physical rehab, mental health and weight loss



Mental health session: working to find the best for you whether you have lost your way or just need a tune-up, we talk about nutrition, sleep, outlets, me time, routine, work/life balance

Goal setting: helping you turn a dream into reality

Change your mindset: looking at your confidence or negativity and helping you find tools to change them into positives (ultimately changing your life around)

Meditation (coming soon)


Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)
Working with connective tissues
Working with postural energetics

Sports massage (coming soon)

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Take control of your physical and mental wellbeing!

Wellbeing coaches taking the holistic approach on your journey through fitness, nutrition, mindset, mental health and goal setting.

How we can help you

We start by getting to know you (always a good place to start we think!). By asking you some thought-provoking questions, even those big scary questions we can build a picture of your life and what direction you wish to travel in. Through looking at your past we explore how to let go of certain elements, learn from mistakes and as they say, put the past in the past. From here we take a peek at your future, what you would like to achieve, what your dreams are and where you would like to be. After all those questions we help you put together an action plan to get you onto your journey to being the best person that you can be.

Your journey could involve:

  • personal training, yoga and nutrition (when these two are in alignment things can just “fall into place”)
  • mindset re-set to help your mental health be in the best shape possible
  • goal setting, so you can change your dreams into reality
  • letting go of the past and re-balancing your body and mind through KCR

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We think outside the box to help you be the best version of yourself!

2 Spuds in a Pod

About 2 Spuds in a Pod

2 Spuds in a Pod came about after one of the spuds (Rosie) had a break down in late 2017. This led to a diagnosis of anxiety and depression. As a result, we both felt there was not much by way of support, other than getting signed off work and given antidepressants. Having this diagnosis became a burden, with little if any positive inputs from professionals and society. 

The idea of 2 Spuds in a Pod started with some notes one evening and has now grown into a company. We openly talk about our mental and physical life battles, and it is fair to say we have both had them at different points in life. They have all presented us with challenges which we have addressed head on and come through to the other side. We talk about our goals, our lives, where we want to go and who we want to be. Life has thrown a lot at us during last few years, both good and bad. This has meant that we have gained personal as well as professional experience in fitness, mental health, goal setting and change of mindset to name a few.

The change in us personally and professionally is phenomenal! Being able to become a much better version of ourselves has been, and still is, a fantastic journey to be on. This is something we are extremely passionate about, and love helping others getting to their better place too. We arm you with as much knowledge as we possibly can to help you. 2 Spuds in a Pod is constantly learning and pushing the boundaries.

We are both down to earth, friendly with good senses of humour. We want to get the best for you on your wellbeing journey.


Fit. Healthy. Happy.


What people say?

I didn't even realise I could achieve one of my long-term goals. But with the help of 2 Spuds in a Pod I got a plan of action sorted and then someone to help me take that first step. Suddenly I accountable to someone who was looking out for my best interests. Even better, I achieved the goal and have moved on to several others.
I started working with 2 Spuds in a Pod when my anxiety became unbearable. They introduced me to exercise, good nutrition and ways to work with my mindset. From there I changed my routine for the better, my sleep improved, and I am in a very different place to where I started. I can't thank 2 Spuds enough for their help, patience and down to earth nature!
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Wellbeing coaches taking the holistic approach on your journey through fitness, nutrition, mindset, mental health and goal setting.