Helen Chowaniec

Personal Trainer at 2 Spuds Personal Training

Fit. Healthy. Happy.

Services we offer

Personal Training

I offer a bespoke personal training service.
I work with people from different backgrounds, different fitness levels and different goals. My main aim is to get you on your journey to achieve your goal. My only question is: "are you ready to make the change?!"

Weight Loss

I could talk for hours on weight loss from a personal and professional point of view. Personally, through exercise, changing to a gluten and dairy free diet (due to autoimmune disorder), good routines, hard-work and dedication meant I lost 15kg (2.3 stone) over a 6 month period. I made a massive life style change to become happier, healthier and stronger. I take the time to get to know you, suggest changes to your lifestyle, help you along the way and motivate you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Ante and post natal

I will see you from day one of your pregnancy right through your journey to the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Training takes a break while you recover from the birth but then continues post natal to help you get your body back. You are fully supported by me and I will make sure exercise through pregnancy is safe and happy.

Exercise Referral (Rehab)

I will take you through your recovery once you have been given the go ahead to go back to exercise. I have dealt with a range of conditions including, torn ACL, back issues, arthritis, asthma an the list could go on. I will adapt exercises for you, guide you through those exercises and make sure you are fully supported on your road to recovery. Having gone through rehab myself on several occasions (2 ovarian surgeries and a slipped disc) you can trust you are in safe hands. I know the frustration and the need to "get better".

Mental Health

Both personally and professionally I have worked with a range of people who suffer from mental health conditions. I know how exercise and nutrition can benefit all of those suffering from mental health. Don't worry about turning up to your session anxious, upset or stressed I will lead you through your exercise outlet so by the end of an hours session you will be in a completely different head space.

Endurance Training

From training to do a 100km cycle to walking a marathon in my garden during the corona virus outbreak, I know long distance training. I can take you from your couch to the finish line. I will take you through the training programme, advise you on the correct nutrition and motivate you every step of the way.

I came to my PT session thinking no one would understand my mental health condition. I met Helen and she understood it perfectly. The next thing I knew I was loving the gym and her instruction.

I was scared I would damage my knee post torn ACL but with Helen's help I took things slow, listened to what she had to say and now I am back to walking up those mountains.


“Helen always brings variety to the sessions. She can tell when you are tired and do not want to do that last exercise, yet with her motivation she pushes you through and makes you suceed!”

“Under Helen’s supervision I have lost several kilos and now love the gym, my new nutrition plan and most importantly myself!”

Personal Training Packages

Basic Package - £125/month

2 x 30 minute sessions (online) or
1 x hour session a week (live)

Elite Package - £200/month

4 x 30 minute sessions (online) or
2 x 1 hour sessions (live)
Nutritional analysis
Written programmes (gym/home/outside)

**Coming soon**
"Feel Awesome" Package - £175 (one off)

Body posture check and re-alignment
Goal setting session and monthly check in (3 months)
Learn how to relax via medititation/breathing

*Please note these can also be done on a single basis instead of as a package.

Fit. Healthy. Happy.